Celebrating 25 Years…


Almost every artist follows the same path to mastery: extended periods of concentrated effort spent honing the skillset, often followed by a long period of artistic imitation. This mimicry serves as a foundation on which the artist’s contribution of genius to his field of endeavor will be built.

So it is with master instrument builders. In the 70s, Ibanez crafted copies with such intensity and diligence that they often surpassed the quality of the originals.

Clearly, Ibanez ranked among the world’s best. The big question: could we deliver our own original contribution to the guitar world?

It didn’t happen easily. Or overnight. But in 1987, Ibanez created not one, but two guitars that would join the modern musical instrument pantheon.

Developed first as the Roadstar, the fully “Ibanezed” pedal- to-the-metal RG is known throughout the rock and metal world as a full-bore performer. The thin “Wizard” necks are only one of the many innovations that make the RG, the streamlined, no-nonsense all-time favorite of fast players.

If the RG is Ibanez’s dragstar, the S series is our classic GT racer. A marvel of form and function; it’s graceful, sculpted, lightweight mahogany body is stronger and more musically responsive than guitars weighing twice as much.

So here we are celebrating 25 years. With more and more young players discovering the RG and the S series every day, don’t worry if you can’t celebrate our 25th anniversary with us. Our 50th will be here before you know it.